How to Prevent Common Kitchen Disasters
It’s a tragic but unavoidable fact that in the kitchen not everything is always going to go exactly the way we would desire it to. Accidents happen. Mess happens. Things go wrong. Fortunately, there are solutions. What we have here is a selection of cunning ruses that will keep your kitchen spic, span and functioning perfectly. So here’s a quick guide to avoiding some common kitchen catastrophes.
Hot Pepper Injuries
Hot peppers can make for some delicious dishes, but can have absolutely disastrous results if you aren't careful chopping them. Chop a pepper and then touch your eye and you’ll be weeping for the rest of the night.

Fortunately the trick for curing a pepper burn is much the same as it is when you eat it- a little bit of milk. Pour a little into eyes and blink it away and it’ll be soothed in no time (although it might seem like longer).

However, prevention is better than cure, so after you've finished chopping those jalapeños, try rubbing some olive oil over your hands. Oil can often help clear what mere water can't.
It happens to the best of us, whether you're groggy in the morning, or not paying enough attention when you get home at night, sometimes you aren't the very best at hand-eye coordination and things that should end up in glasses or cups end up on the kitchen surface.

This is made worse if you have one of those awkward jugs that make the juice run down the sides as you're trying to pour. The trick to this is actually quite clever when you see it in action. Just take a chopstick (or something else vaguely stick shaped) and place it across the mouth of the jug as you pour. The water will stick to the chopstick and flow towards your glass, rather than dribbling down the side of the jug and all over the floor.
Smelly Food
Some food does tend to stink the place out. Garlic, onions, and the big one, fish. If you're cooking fish everyone in the house is going to know about it whether they want to or not. There are two ways around this problem. One is to add a little bit of peanut butter to the pan when you're frying the fish. Alternatively you can soak the fish in milk before you cook it. As with the spicy food, milk does a great job of soaking up the odours so that they don’t leak to the rest of the house.


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How to Prevent Common Kitchen Disasters