Easy tips to make recipes healthier
Coming up with tasty, healthy recipes can be hard. So often you’ll find a recipe you like, go through the ingredients and find that to make it taste right you have to add half a packet of melted butter.

Here at Lean on Turkey we've got plenty of healthy recipes that are great for the whole family, but if you want to try something different it's possible to make lots of recipes healthy just by swapping out some of the more unhealthy ingredients for leaner alternatives, and without sacrificing the taste!
Take out the oil, add the broth
Even if you use the best olive oil, you’re still looking at 125 calories in a single tablespoon. A good vegetable or turkey broth, on the other hand, will still add plenty of flavour to your dish while weighing in at only 25 calories a cup. In terms of healthy eating, it’s a bargain!
Drop the salt, add herbs
Scientists still aren’t sure what the long term effects of too much salt in your diet could be. But there have been strong associations made with high blood pressure and heart disease, among other conditions.

However, as you can see from one of our own articles, there are plenty of alternatives to salt among the herbs and spices. Whether fresh or dry, herbs and spices not only make for a healthy meal than one coated in salt, but also makes for some really exciting new flavours. Paprika flavour chips anyone?

Salad dressings with juice, not oil
Again, oil is one of those things we keep thinking we can’t do without. It’s one of the key ingredients in most salad dressing recipes, but is also why some people can make a salad with as many calories as a burger. However you can create some really fabulous salad dressing using pureed fruits, fruit juices and water. They’ll add flavour and nutrients to your dish without piling on the calories.
Cut the cream
Yes, first oil, then salt, now cream. Cream is one of those things that you just assume is an essential ingredient. We use it to thicken up soups and sauces so often it’s easy to forget that there are plenty of other, healthier ways to achieve the same effect. Swap out the cream for skimmed milk, thickening it up with cornflour, potatoes or white beans. You’ll still be able to get a lovely thick sauce that won’t go straight to your waistline.
Frying with less fat
Frying is quickest and easiest way to cook so many foods, and it's great for creating that wonderful oily, crispy texture. However it's also one of the most efficient ways of getting your food to soak up the fat, which is really the opposite of what we’re trying to do here.

But the truth is that, while some grilled food can be great, sometimes it doesn't quite hit the spot. In that case, try oven frying your food. Using only a tiny amount of oil in a tray with the food you’re looking to fry. The end result is a great dish with less calories or fat than it’s fried counterpart, but that same fried flavour.
The meat of the matter
You might think it odd that a site dedicated to turkey would tell you to eat less meat, but having one or two days a week when you cook a vegetarian dish can make a nice change, and it's a great excuse to really cram the vegetables into a dish. Even without meat, the possibilities are endless, vegetable casseroles, curries, pasta dishes, the world is your oyster.

And it means when you do have turkey later in the week, you'll really appreciate it!
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Easy tips to make recipes healthier