How turkey can help you get more out of your workout
By now, almost everybody is aware of the benefits of turkey. Much has been written about how, gram for gram, it is much lower in both calories and saturated fat than most other meats on the market. But, as everyone also knows, weight loss is not just about eating healthily and practising moderation. It's been said time and time again: if you want your weight loss to be permanent then you have to exercise regularly. However, what isn't quite so well publicised is the ways in which to strategise and schedule your eating habits so that the exercise you do provides the maximum amount of benefit both to your overall health.
Muscle tears & the importance of protein
Protein is one of the body's most important building blocks. One of its chief uses is to build and repair muscle mass. No matter what your chosen workout regime, you should be aiming for an activity that works you hard enough so that your muscles ache a little afterwards. This ache is caused by micro-tears in the muscular fibres and the body utilised the protein you eat to repair these tears, strengthening the musculature in the process.

Turkey, like the majority of white meats, is an excellent lean protein and giving your body a protein boost just after your workout will provide the maximum nutritional benefits. Quite apart from their aesthetic qualities, an increased muscle mass will actually help you lose weight faster as after a strenuous workout, muscles can carry on burning calories at an elevated rate for many hours after you've finished exercising. Good activities for building muscle tone include: yoga, pilates, swimming and weightlifting, although if you want to see your new-found muscle tone, it's important that you combine your toning exercises with cardio so that you can burn off any excess fat that might be obscuring the fruits of your labours.

It's turkey time
The best time to eat your post-workout turkey snack is within the first hour after your workout as this is when the body needs the protein boost the most. The best way to prepare the turkey is to make sure to pair it with some unsaturated 'good' fats. A good example of a healthy post-workout boost would be to stuff a couple of slices of turkey ham with sliced avocado and tomato. Roll up these two superfoods to make a an incredibly healthy (and delicious!) turkey straw that contains a good balance of healthy fats and protein, along with beneficial micronutrients like lycopene (which aids skin cell reconstruction snd has even been said to provide mild protection against harmful UV rays), Vitamin C which wards off free radicals in the blood stream and Vitamin D which contributes to boosting mood and health of skin, hair and nails – there's a reason avocado is featured so often in haircare products! What's more, this particular superfood with its sweet creaminess and yielding texture works wonderfully well with turkey. The important thing is to minimise your carbohydrate intake which can lead to bloating to the inhalation of needless calories. Carbohydrates are also an incredibly important macronutrient and are utterly essential for maintaining a constant energy level and giving you the strength to push yourself during a workout, but they are best consumed around half an hour before you begin exercising to allow your body a chance to digest the food and release its energy.
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How turkey can help you get more out of your workout