Romantic recipes for summer
The month of August is the traditional time period where, for one shining calendar month, you're allowed to leave behind the drudgery of everyday life and embark upon an exotic expedition to foreign climes, perhaps taking this time to spend quality time with your partner under the dappled shade of a palm tree. Or at least that's the theory! However, what happens when romantic getaways are in short supply but you've still got holiday days to burn? How then do you make your time spent at home feel special when this it is also the place that laundry gets done, packed lunches are made and daytime TV dominates the schedules? All these things combined can diminish anybody's belief in romance but there are a few culinary tricks that you can utilise to make even the most usual food seem special.
Snack: Scrambled eggs with mint
The best part of romance is making the mundane seem extraordinary. So it is with this incredibly simple recipe, which does not need to be limited to breakfast. People will initially question the pairing of mint with egg, but once you've chopped a little up and sprinkled it on top of a steaming mound of a freshly scrambled batch of eggs, you'll never look back. The combination of the richness of the butter, the bland, comforting texture of the eggs and the freshness of the mint make this an utterly surprising dish to serve up to anyone you consider special. This should, of course, always be served with hot buttered toast.
Dinner: Fun roast turkey
Have you seen holiday pictures where people have fallen asleep in the sun and friends have written 'WASH ME' on their back in suntan lotion? Well, the same principles apply when you're roasting a turkey. If you carefully cut out aluminium foil templates and place them on your bird before you insert it into the oven, you can prevent the covered parts from browning and therefore spell out the message of your choice. So, whether your foil is fashioned to produce a poultry bikini tanline or spells out the name of your loved ones, this is an excellent way to make your turkey dinner fun. Serve with buttered peas and roast carrots. Leftovers can be turned into any number of delicious dinners whether it be a spicy Turkey Jambalaya or Turkey and Coconut Korma – you and your family can travel the world without leaving your living room.
Dessert: Banana peanut butter boats
This is a simple campfire recipe that is, frankly, delicious and is ideal to eat snuggled up on the sofa, whilst watching a slushy DVD. Simply cut a banana down the middle, sprinkle to taste with cinnamon and then run a knife full of peanut butter down the centre. If you're feeling especially decadent, a smear of chocolate spread makes this extra tasty. Then, either wrap the banana tightly in foil and put in a hot oven for about 5-7 minutes or just put on a heat-proof plate and zap in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Enjoy!


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Romantic recipes for summer