How Best to Manage Your Kitchen Space
Few of us have the luxury of the spacious kitchen of our dreams. Many of us dread having anyone else step into the kitchen while we’re cooking, simply because there isn't room for more than one person to move about freely.

This can lead to your kitchen become cluttered and hard to navigate, which in turn makes cooking harder. However, by using the space you have effectively you can turn the kitchen from cramp, cluttered mess into a finely tuned machine, where everything you need is always within reach.

Following these steps will help you do just that.
To some extent you probably do this already. Have you ever tried to make a cup of tea in someone else's kitchen? You notice how you always start by spending a few seconds standing in the middle of the room looking a bit lost? That’s because in your kitchen you know exactly where all the tea things are, so you go to them almost entirely on autopilot, to the point where even the milk being moved can trip you up.

You want to get your kitchen organised to the point where you can use that autopilot regardless of what you're cooking. Divide your kitchen's cupboards, draws and surfaces up into spaces, know what each of those spaces is for and store things there appropriately.
Make Sure the Things You Use Most Often Are Easiest to Reach
Mess has its uses. For instance, maybe your desk is a tip. But the things you use most, your laptop, your printer, your phone charge and diary etc, are always easy to reach because they get picked up and put down often enough that they are always at the top of any given pile. While this isn't a great management scheme for your kitchen, the idea behind it is. The things you use most often are the things you should be able to reach first. Have your knife block, the kettle, your spice-rack and chopping boards all out in the open and only slightly below eye-line, where you'll see them easily. That coconut peeling machine you got for Christmas can stay at the back of a cupboard (unless you really eat a lot of coconuts).
Avoid Stacking
Stacking is a favourite technique used by people who have to store a lot without a lot of space to use. That's fine if you’re putting things in your loft, cellar, or even in a removal van. But your kitchen is a working space and you need to be able to access everything in it- even the coconut peeling machine, without having to spend ten minutes rebalancing everything because you had to remove a supporting ingredient from the bottom of a pile. Try to have your items no more than two deep. If this is a problem, that brings you to our final tip:
Get Rid of Anything You Don’t Need
Quick question- How many frying pans do you have? Do you know how many frying pans you need? Two. That's all. One large one, and one small one. Anything else is unnecessary. Egg whisks? You'll never need more than one egg whisk. The same goes for spatulas, sieves, and wooden spoons, and yet most of us have two or three of them.

Get rid of anything redundant. Don’t worry, you’ll find a use for that extra space soon enough.


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How Best to Manage Your Kitchen Space