Washing up made easy
Even if you’re a whiz in the kitchen, someone who knows all the right ingredients, all the best time saving tips and lots of healthy recipes, the chances are there is one part of cooking that you hate. That part is washing up. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher, the washing up is an essential but unpleasant part of every meal. Fortunately there are a number of ways you can make this job far easier.
Use one thing at a time
We've all been there. You make yourself a cup of tea, drink the cup of tea, then go back to the kitchen to get another cup of tea and realise you have left the mug in the living room. So you get a fresh mug out of the cupboard, and where once there was one mug that needs washing, now there are two.

If you've got a mug on the go, stick with it. A quick rinse between uses is all you need. The same goes for your teaspoon. You can say the same for a lot of crockery and cutlery items if you take a moment to think about it.
Only use the utensils you need
Kitchens tend to accumulate all sorts of equipment over the years, some of it very useful, some of it... less. The other thing you tend to get is a lot of duplication, and this can lead to trouble when it comes to mounting piles of washing up. Nobody likes having to clean out a cheese grater, so if you've got two cheese graters are you really going to take the trouble to clean one when there’s a spotless new one just waiting to be used?

Try to keep your kitchen utensils down to only the ones you need. If you only have one of everything, you only ever need to wash one up.
Choose recipes that require less washing up
We have talked before about the wonders of one-pot meals, as well as the advantages of the humble turkey sandwich. If you look around, there are all sorts of healthy recipes that aren't going to completely destroy your kitchen in the process of preparation.

Our own site has plenty of helpful suggestions. As well as one-pot dishes and sandwiches, you can also try all sorts of wraps or curries that require little more than a knife, a chopping board and a pan.
Wash up as you go along
This may seem like an obvious tip, but you will be amazed at the difference it makes. A lot of dishes do require a lot of standing around while you wait for things to boil, roast or reduce, and this is the perfect time to polish up any knifes, wooden spoons or colanders you've used up to that point.

Washing up as you go along also helps prevent sauces encrusting onto pans, and as we all know, those can be the very worst things to have to scrub clean.
Get someone to help
Of course, the best way to make the washing up easier is to see if you can get someone else to help out! If you've got kids, teaching them how to wash up is a great way to get them involved in the kitchen (although obviously they will need some supervision and you'll have to do any of the sharp or dangerous bits). Like-wise, if you are cooking for somebody, there is no harm in asking them to help you get the dishes clean afterwards, if nothing else the washing up goes a whole lot quicker when you have somebody to talk to.


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Washing up made easy