Weight loss before breakfast
It has often been recommended that every adult gets 30 minutes of strenuous exercise three times a week. Here are some tips for getting a workout in no matter how busy you are.
Weight loss before breakfast
When your life is already crammed full with activity: work, family, friends...it can be really difficult to find time to exercise. It has often been recommended that every adult gets 30 minutes of strenuous exercise three times a week, but when you factor in the level of preparation required: a change of clothing, the warm-up, the cool-down, the shower and then the change back into civilian clothes, you're really looking at least an hour out of your busy schedule. So what is to be done? Well, the key is all in time management and thinking ahead. For most people, the time that is least busy is either first thing in the morning or last thing at night. It's not advisable to do a workout just before bed so let's examine a morning practice. Here are some tips for getting a workout in no matter how busy you are.
Establishing a morning routine
The key to getting exercise in the morning is a commitment to waking up a little bit earlier and then maximising the time that you have to yourself before the rest of the household wakes up. Choose a new rising time that falls approximately an hour before the time your usual routine begins and know that this time will be set aside exclusively for you. Yes, it can be difficult to get up when everyone else is still asleep, but you can train your body to expect to arise at this time. If you have problems, set your waking-up time in stages, starting off at your regular time and taking off an extra ten minutes every couple of days. If you make the commitment to going to bed an hour earlier (if possible!) then this process will be a lot easier. It's important for the body's growth and repair that you get around 8 hours sleep a night, so be sure to factor this into your plans. If your body is too tired to function properly, it will stop releasing Human Growth Hormone as you sleep, which will impede your efforts at weight loss no matter how hard you work.
Preparation is key
You can also help yourself by doing as much preparation as possible the night before – make sure that putting on your workout clothes is no effort at all by laying them out, shoes, socks and all, right by your bed, so that you can roll out in the morning, straight into a fitness mindset. Some people even sleep in their workout trousers although you might feel like this is a step too far. The important thing is to create an atmosphere where getting up to exercise is as stress-free and mindless as possible. Let the muscle memory do the work! You may also want to have a light snack to fuel your workout about twenty minutes before you commence – something carbohydrate rich like an apple and a handful of nuts should do the trick.
Post workout procedure
Okay, you're hot, you're sweaty and it's time for a shower. One of the benefits of working out early in the morning is that odds are, you're feeling full of energy. Now is the time to reward yourself with a breakfast that will revitalise you. Don't worry if you don't get 'into it' quickly, the important thing is to establish a feasible routine that you can stick to and then reward yourself with a delicious breakfast. Try this routine 3 days a week and see how you go – you might find yourself shocked at your extra get-up-and-go!
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Weight loss before breakfast