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Many people living in the UK today have a diet that is high in saturated fat and salt, and low in key vitamins and minerals. If you add to that the issues of obesity and a lack of physical activity, you can see that many people living in the UK could benefit with a few changes to their diets and lifestyles.

Something that could help to make a change to diet and lifestyle is to put turkey on your weekly menu. Turkey breast is a naturally low fat meat and it's also low in sodium (salt) and saturated fat (the type of fat linked to heart disease risk). Turkey is also a great source of key nutrients for health, such as the B-vitamins, phosphorus, selenium and potassium and is an excellent addition to a varied and balanced diet.

Turkey is a good choice for weaning as it is protein-rich and easily digested. Find out more here.

Source: McCance & Widdowson “The Composition of Foods, 6th edition” (2004). Royal Society of Chemistry: Cambridge & Independent Research.


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Why turkey is good for you